On The Way

Last Stop: EARTH

Traveling Short Film

❤️Cooperation with Marianne & Laura💗

You could take the 🍿️ to watch it, Have a goog time~~~✈️

Lyrics of the song

written by Marianne Dora Sice

(Throughout : Sun’s up, Wake up!)

‘What you gonna say tomorrow?

Will tomorrow ever come?

Where you gonna be tomorrow?

Gonna be chasing sun

Are you gonna go the distance?

The distance in between.

What lies on the surface..

..And what’s underneath.

Are you gonna make this your real life?

Are you gonna show you care?

There’s someone who loves you always,

Someone who’ll always be there’ “

“a camera, a headset, a comfortable shoes and a curious heart, to support all my travels. 

 I just got on a train at random, I don’t know where the end point is. The scenery along the way has never seen before. For me, the unknown places all are my destinations.

The volunteer travel experience in Nepal is the most unforgettable of all my travels. The students smile enthusiastically and desire knowledge. Every day before class, they will hug me, kiss me, and let me sign in their hands and there are also the honesty and kindness of the local people in Nepal.

Even it’s a poor country, people’s life attitude is not poor, and even richer than us. On the day of paragliding in Pokhara, the weather was very good, flying down from the top of the mountain, fresh air, beautiful scenery, it was a long-lost happiness and relaxation of myself.

 I often travel alone. I enjoy the feeling of being alone. At the same time, I can meet many new friends along the way who have the same mind with me. We will chat together, drink together, travel together, and share our past travel experiences. This is a great harvest from every journey to listen different story and meet funny people. “

Written by Yico

Lastly, thank you Marianne and Laura to do this part together !

Let’s hear my voice.🔊

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